The first article of the Turkish Criminal Code No.5237 is “Purpose of the Code” :
Article 1. – (1)The purpose of this Code is to prevent commission of crimes and to protect human rights and freedoms, public order and security, public health, environment and the social peace.This Code lays down the general principles of penal liability, crimes, types of punishments and the safety measures in order to realise the said purposes.
Turkey is a civil law country. The definition of the crimes, types of the punishments and the safety measures derived from European law system.
Turkish Criminal Law system has been amended in recent decades in accordance with the European Union directives.  
The investigation of the Public Prosecutors has began with the criminal complaint of the persons. If the prosecutors conclude that there has been a reasonable doubt, they draft an indictment, and than the criminal case begins.
We suggest the people to defend themself before the courts by a plea and get the legal advice.
We deal with the cases related to criminal law from the investigation of the Public Prosecutors to the criminal case phase.