The New Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 has come into effect as of 1 July 2012 and it brought major changes related to the structure and business of the companies and the code is amended with the Law No. 6335. The structure of the companies was changed in order to be in line with the European Union legislation.
The New Commercial Code No.6102 has six main books:
Book 1 contains the articles (1 – 123) related to Commercial Business
 Book 2 contains the articles (124 – 644) related to Commercial Legal Entities
 Book 3 contains the articles (645 – 849 ) related to Negotiable Instruments
 Book 4 contains the articles (850 – 930) related to Transport Law
 Book 5 contains the articles (931 – 1400) related to Maritime Law
 Book 6 contains the articles (1401 – 1535) related to Insurance Law 
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